LimonTaxi Apps are available for  Android & iPhone 

Fleet and Field Force Tracking & Dispatching solution for companies: Check the available price plans!

Fleet Tracking & Taxi Dispatch System
Track your fleet using the drivers' smart phones, manage bookings, dispatch orders to nearest driver, get your branded customer APP and much more ..
Friendly prices for small companies and super saver for annual payments
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Our Benefits

Low-cost Trial

No setup fee is required, and you can request a temporary quarter license for minimum of 2 users, and you will get full on-line personalized system training

No Credit Card

You don’t need to provide your credit card to start the trial. And no automatic billing after the expiry of your trial period

Ultra-low price package

Why to pay premium for long list of unneeded features? Limontaxi offers BASIC service package with limited features at ultra-low price. Pay only for what you need

Initial Data Upload

Free support is provided for complex set up, and back-end data upload is provided upon request

No Server-side Hardware or Software

You just need web-browser at your office, and smart phones at the palm of your staff


Your contact details are safe, won’t be sold or misused. Your business information is kept safe and secure from unauthorized access

Maintenance & Support

Support is available through phone, email and Skype. You are eligible for free system demo and account set-up assistance even during your Trial Period

Cancel-any-time Policy

No long-term contracts, pay-as-you-grow model, full data export and the cancellation policy is “just any time”

Easy to use

Simple and Intuitive user interface, can be easily configured and used in less than 1 hour

The System Features

* Live map showing the real time locations of your drivers

* View the status (Free/Busy/Offline)

* Drivers switching to "Busy" can set their destinations "Going to ...."

* Widgets to show n# of drivers per Work Zone , and Top Waiting Orders and Ongoing Orders

* Route Replay: you can replay the route taken and speed of particular driver in a specified time window

* Real time view of each booking status (Driver is Going-to-Customer , Waiting-for-Customer, Customer-on-Board, Trip Completed)

* Send automated SMS to your customer when the driver arrives to the Pick Up location

* The company managers and dispatchers can login on the control panel from any mobile/tablet device (Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry) and can track their drivers real time location and status [NEW]
* Add customer personal and contact information

* Manage customer addresses and add address tags (Home / Work etc.)

* Customer LTV: Quick view of the customer total number of booking and total value

* Upload your customers list

* Add customer reviews for their trips and the drivers' rating

* White-label Customer App: Let your customers place new bookings from your App
* NOW (ASAP) and Future orders

* Add your own POIs (Points of Interests )

* Add Pick Up and Drop Off locations using 4 different ways: auto completed addresses, customer's saved addresses , POIs or map coordinates

* View your drivers occupancy & availability at a given date&time before placing the order

* Dispatching Recommendation for the nearest, least occupied or highest rating drivers

* 2 modes to assign orders to drivers: (ACCEPT/Reject) or forced assignment

* Broadcast orders to multiple drivers

* Cancel orders and add reasons

* Possibility to modify order pickup time
* 2 Tariffs supported: "Tiered Distance" and "Zone-A-Zone-B"

* Advise your customer about the estimated Trip Distance, Time and Cost

* Allow you driver to collect different amount and edit the Trip cost

* 2 ways to estimate the trip time

* Currency and Distance Unit Customization

* Add Working zones to facilitate the dispatching process and improve the recommendations

* Add unlimited dispatchers

* Send unlimited push messages to your connected drivers
* Analytical Dashboard with intuitive graphs for performance analysis

* automate your drivers attendance reporting, and estimate the idle times

* Built in Reports for Customers Bookings, Daily Collections , Abnormal Trips, Drivers Performance

* Print or Export your reports into Excel and PDF formats

* Ask for your signup bonus: Customized Reports for your businesses
* White-Label Customer App: branded with your company name and Logo

* Allow your customers to place new orders directly into your taxi dispatch system

* Customers can place order from the map or from your saved Points of Interests

* The customer will receive notification with the driver photo, name and phone number

* The customer can track the driver's location live on the map

* The customer will be notified when the driver arrives to the pick up location

* Click here to get more info about the APP features and to see some screenshots
Even if you don't have Customer App, you can still help your customers track their orders execution and progress using SMS:

* Let your customers receive automatic SMS once the driver starts executing the order

* The customer can get information about the vehicle and the driver's name and mobile number

* The customer can track the driver on the map