Limo n Taxi Apps for Fleet Tracking and Dispatching

Safariat takes you to Egypt’s North Coast

Summer vacations are heading, and the travel to north coast becomes everyone’s need, especially in the week ends.

But there are yet many difficulties in making such trips if no car is available. North Coast villages are far away from each other’s, and it takes a big hassle to use the buses. And in case you are visiting a friend or…

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Get your own custom TAXI APP

No matter what is the size of your taxi or limo company , having your own custom Taxi APP became as important as having a web site or Facebook page for your business.

Moreover, being a small or medium company, makes more sense for you to expand your possible channels to get new bookings. Many clients now prefer to use an…

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Fleet Tracking without GPS : Smartphone based vehicle tracking

All businesses relying on vehicles in their operation know very well the benefits of having a “Fleet Tracking” solution in place. But until recently , getting fleet tracking solution was a long story: starts by finding a provider, signing contracts, sending vehicles to the service centres to install GPS’s , and managing the fix/replacements and returns.
This was affordable for large…

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End of shift Reminder

Sometimes the drivers forget to switch off the driver’s mobile App by the end of the work shift. This keeps his/her location information shared with the dispatchers/managers or the customers needing a ride. To help the drivers maintain their privacy after the working hours; and to provide the fleet managers and customers as-much-as possible accurate information; we added feature that…

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