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Serve your clients better and be visible for new ones

No commission , it is completely *FREE*


Free TAXI APP for the Independent Drivers!

Limontaxi offers FREE APPs for the independent drivers that you can use as if it is your own ride hailing APP! We take no commissions, and we never set a tariff, you continue to work as per your country regulation and meters. These APPs just help you to serve your direct clients better, by helping them know your status and location anytime, and it can also help you get new clients from nearby places .. Go on!

Create a FREE Account Easily

Creating an account on this directory app is very simple, just enter your valid information , and be visible on the APP immediately Sign up

Download the Driver APP and login when on-duty

Download LIMO Directory Driver APP and login with your account as "Independent Driver" when your work shift starts. By doing so, your car location and your mobile number will appear to the clients using "LIMO Directory APP". Your old clients or those whom you drive them on daily-basis , can easily see your location without the need to call you and ask "Where are you now?"

Let your loyal clients use the APP to find and contact you

Now contact all your loyal clients and ask them to download LIMO Directory APP and search by your name! Yes, your name is searchable on the map. Once you appear on the Map and they click on your car icon, they can see your contact details and photo, and they can click on the heart icon to add you to their "FAVORITE MAP" .. YES. And Each time they open the APP, they can switch to the Favorite MAP to see your live location (if you are on duty) and see if you are near and FREE. This way you never lose the chance that they need your service but don't know your status or location. By changing your status to "Busy", your car will appear in RED color to hint the users that you are not available to take new request

Spread the word about this FREE Service

It is totally FREE directory service for you as a cab driver, to stand against the challenges of the ride-hailing APPs. No dispatcher to send you requests, you just get listed on the APP MAP and receive direct calls or SMS to your mobile, you are FREE and you pay no commission and you keep charging your customers as per your country rules and regulation. Your contacts and location will be visible on the MAP until you logout, and people can rate your service, after contacting you. This Directory service is made FREE to help you retain your clients, and be visible for new ones. So, please use it rationally and decently , and Good Luck! Oh , ya, you can always login onto your account from the section below, to update your information, upload better photo and check your account details

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