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Employee Tracking & Attendance for Remote Staff

Employee Tracking & Attendance for Remote Staff

Limontaxi offer excellent and ultra-low cost Employee GPS Tracking App. Thanks to our dear customers who used our system creatively for such need, and thanks to our development team who made the white-labelling and  ”attendance & working hours” reports as easy as they never been.

With Limontaxi technology, you can get very efficient and affordable Employee Tracking Software that allows you to have GPS Employee Tracking and also Attendance. It is no longer necessary for your field teams to check-in at one of your offices to record their attendance, they can just switch on the App to start record the start working time. And you -as a team leader- no longer need to call your remote staff to inquire about his/her location.

2 Built-in reports are now made available to our Basic Plan, allowing the team manger to extract the daily attendance, total working hours and over time per employee. And these reports can be exported to be used with any other system for payroll calculation.

This addition to our features list strengthen Limontaxi solution as a Tracking Software for the field force management , that can be used easily and smarty to manage teams of : outdoor sales , installation maintenance, collection, delivery etc.

With the help of LimonTaxi Basic Plan,  a team leader in any industry can have real-time monitoring to his/her team locations, activities, attendance and working hours at very reasonable cost per month, with no investment on IT nor infrastructure. We love cloud computing and the mobile Apps. And we bet you love FREE Trials as well especially if there is NO CREDIT CARD required :)

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