Friendly Pricing and Free-Forever Plan!

No frills tracking and dispatching System: It covers all essential features of Tracking & Dispatching. Including and not limited to, managing customers information, orders and reservation, dispatching, sending unlimited free messages to the connected drivers, dashboard and reporting. It is suitable for Limousine, Taxi, Delivery, Courier, Towing and any ground-transport operator. The most economic fleet tracking app and cloud dispatching software you will find
Staff & fleet tracking for small businesses. This service offers live tracking for your employees or drivers, plus 2 built-in reports: "Attendance: & "Activities". You can also send unlimited free messages to your connected staff. Employee & Fleet tracking has never been that easy and handy. And you can also get customized App for your company with your company name and logo. Sign up and start tracking your employees and drivers within minutes.
After the expiry of your Free Trial, your account will be automatically downgraded to the FREE plan. On this plan, you can still enjoy a real-time tracking for your fleet of vehicles for up to 3 drivers.

Price Plans


FREE Trial
  • Pay per Driver per month
  • 15 Days Free Trial
    Account downgrades to the free-forever plan after 15 days
  • Unlimited Agents/Dispatchers
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Attendance Report
  • Activities Report (Busy vs. Idle Times)
  • Unlimited Free Messages
  • Optional Customer APP