Limo n Taxi Apps for Fleet Tracking and Dispatching

Get your own custom TAXI APP

Get your own custom TAXI APP

No matter what is the size of your taxi or limo company , having your own custom Taxi APP became as important as having a web site or Facebook page for your business.

Moreover, being a small or medium company, makes more sense for you to expand your possible channels to get new bookings. Many clients now prefer to use an APP to make a booking, yes it is probably Uber craze that took the entire livery industry.

The good news is that getting your own customer TAXI or LIMO APP became so easy and inexpensive. You just need to bring your logo and brand name to get your branded TAXI APP in a matter of days.

However, the real differentiation won’t be in just having an APP carrying your business name and logo; it must be well-integrated into your day-to-day tools and operation management. So, you can really impress your clients, and show a real added value in using the APP.

LimoNTAXI white-label TAXI APP offers you a well-integrated APP into a very simple and easy-to-use dispatch system, where:

  • You and your dispatchers will be instantly notified whenever a new booking is made through the APP
  • Can dispatch the new booking to the nearest/best matched driver
  • Your customer will be notified once the driver accepted the order
  • The customer will be able to see the driver picture, name and phone number
  • The customer will be able to track the driver’s location on the map in real-time
  • The customer will be notified when the drivers arrives at the Pick up location
  • And finally, the customer will be notified when the trip is completed and will be able to see the Trip Cost
  • The customer will be able to rate the driver and leave a comment for you

The Taxi booking APP is no longer a luxury for the client, since it became an essential tool to make booking, track booking status and review booking history.

LimoNAXI custom TAXI APP is available for Android and iOS , and at very special prices for small businesses and startups.

Don’t let your business be disrupted by technology , you too can use technology to your advantage , and at very reasonable price. Contact us now and we will tell you how!

** To preview a live version of the APP on the play store: click here


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