Limo n Taxi Apps for Fleet Tracking and Dispatching

Get your own custom TAXI APP

No matter what is the size of your taxi or limo company , having your own custom Taxi APP became as important as having a web site or Facebook page for your business.

Moreover, being a small or medium company, makes more sense for you to expand your possible channels to get new bookings. Many clients now prefer to use an…

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Employee Tracking & Attendance for Remote Staff

Limontaxi offer excellent and ultra-low cost Employee GPS Tracking App. Thanks to our dear customers who used our system creatively for such need, and thanks to our development team who made the white-labelling and  ”attendance & working hours” reports as easy as they never been.

With Limontaxi technology, you can get very efficient and affordable Employee Tracking Software that allows you to have…

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End of shift Reminder

Sometimes the drivers forget to switch off the driver’s mobile App by the end of the work shift. This keeps his/her location information shared with the dispatchers/managers or the customers needing a ride. To help the drivers maintain their privacy after the working hours; and to provide the fleet managers and customers as-much-as possible accurate information; we added feature that…

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