Limo n Taxi Apps for Fleet Tracking and Dispatching

Fleet Tracking without GPS : Smartphone based vehicle tracking

All businesses relying on vehicles in their operation know very well the benefits of having a “Fleet Tracking” solution in place. But until recently , getting fleet tracking solution was a long story: starts by finding a provider, signing contracts, sending vehicles to the service centres to install GPS’s , and managing the fix/replacements and returns.
This was affordable for large…

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Employee Tracking & Attendance for Remote Staff

Limontaxi offer excellent and ultra-low cost Employee GPS Tracking App. Thanks to our dear customers who used our system creatively for such need, and thanks to our development team who made the white-labelling and  ”attendance & working hours” reports as easy as they never been.

With Limontaxi technology, you can get very efficient and affordable Employee Tracking Software that allows you to have…

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Limo n Taxi dispatching system is simple, but significant!

In the software world, you can easily make complex systems, they sometimes go complex without intention.

While designing Limo n Taxi Cloud dispatching & tracking system, we challenged ourselves to make the system very simple, we believe that cloud solutions must be simple, and grow with extreme cautious about staying simple. Our design guideline for the control panel user was that…

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LimonTaxi finalist in Arabnet startup competition

Wow! Limontaxi has been selected among 10 best startups in Arabnet competition. Limontaxi participated in the startup competition with the B2B version of the service, aiming to introduce ultra low-cost solution for tracking and dispatching for companies in the Arab region running fleets. The big dream is to have the Arab cities become more greener, by reducing fuel consumption ,…

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